I draw a lot of fantasy/sci fi OCs and videogame characters. I don't do fan art a lot, but there is the off time I'm in the mood for it. I don't do requests, sorry.

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oh, oh, oh, everybody’s starry eyed

Dirty deeds and they’re done dirt cheap

Birthday gift for Franki, her Inquisitor Severine Trevelyan.
edit: touched up her skintone

When you begin to realize,
You know you got your daddy’s eyes.

Commission done for eirstegalkin!

My Adaar Inquisitor, Rhaana. I think I’ve go the specifics of her facial appearance down. Hair as fluffy as clouds, eyebrows as big and sharp as a claymore.

Daala Trevelyan, Esme Trevelyan and Sascha Trevelyan

Law & Chaos

did someone say tokens

Inquisitor Sioren! Normally seems quite reserved and stoic, but actually has really bad dry humour. She has a crooked smile and is a bit embarrassed about it. She also has lots of birth marks that her siblings used to connect-the-dots with. Magic surfaced at a young age, and was blinded not long after, but learned over the years to see through other means in her channeled talents.