I draw a lot of fantasy/sci fi OCs and videogame characters. I don't do fan art a lot, but there is the off time I'm in the mood for it. I don't do requests, sorry.

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Probably this and a present I’ve been working on are the only breaks I’ve been taking inbetween Destiny

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I decided to name him Birch! While not canonically an Inquisitor OC, he is a part of the Inquisition (・_・ヾ


so far so good

I think

My Keleshite, Xemestra. Made this for a mini for her.
She’s a Paladin Babysitter.

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Annabelle “Annie Calamity”, the succubus Saloon owner of my Western-themed campaign. The one that The Party subsequently destroyed.

oh, oh, oh, everybody’s starry eyed

Dirty deeds and they’re done dirt cheap

Birthday gift for Franki, her Inquisitor Severine Trevelyan.
edit: touched up her skintone

When you begin to realize,
You know you got your daddy’s eyes.