I draw a lot of fantasy/sci fi OCs and videogame characters. I don't do fan art a lot, but there is the off time I'm in the mood for it. I don't do requests, sorry.

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my child, please be in-game щ(ಥДಥщ)

luv these street mages

Sioren Trevelyan | IX: The Hermit |
Solitude - Reflection - Guidance - Searching

Ryne d’Deneith! (The whole “d’Deneith” thing is supposed to be secret but she’s a little garbage at keeping those)

Professional puncher, mercenary, punching mercenary.

Probably this and a present I’ve been working on are the only breaks I’ve been taking inbetween Destiny

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I decided to name him Birch! While not canonically an Inquisitor OC, he is a part of the Inquisition (・_・ヾ


so far so good

I think

My Keleshite, Xemestra. Made this for a mini for her.
She’s a Paladin Babysitter.

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Annabelle “Annie Calamity”, the succubus Saloon owner of my Western-themed campaign. The one that The Party subsequently destroyed.

oh, oh, oh, everybody’s starry eyed